Friday, May 11, 2007

Hey, pro-life activists aren't racketeers!

After 21 years, Joe Scheidler has been judged "not guilty" of racketeering.

What is a racketeer?

A racketeer is a person who commits crimes such as extortion, loansharking, bribery, and obstruction of justice in furtherance of illegal business activities.

What did Joe Scheidler do to warrant such a charge?

Not a thing.

He, and others such as Operation Rescue folks (also sued on RICO charges; also vindicated) had an odd notion back in 1986...and, for many, even now. That notion? That babies shouldn't be killed, and if they were going to be killed it was, and remains, a moral obligation to protest the killing.

Which ticked the "National Organization for Women" off big time.

What is the "National Organization for Women?"

They used to be an organization...a long time ago. They're not known so much now because they tend to fail at pretty much everthing they try to do.

The "Equal Rights Amendment" comes to the crossword world, a popular clue for ERA was once -- and still may be -- "NOW's failure."

(They still have a website, though.)

Hey...thanks, Joe.