Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dogs and pols and "gay pride"...what's the diff?

Governor Deval Patrick claims the dubious honor of being the first sitting governor to march in Boston's annual "Gay Pride" Parade on Saturday.

And in a related story, dogs—I'm not making this up—are, here too for the first time! [deep breaths...try to control your excitement] participating in "Gay Pride Day."

Here's something to ponder...

Owners are encouraged to dress their pooches in fur-free canine couture for the community contest portion of “Paws for Pride...”

"Fur-free?" Weird. I thought it was natural for dogs to be furred. 'Course, I also thought it natural for mates to be of the opposite sex.

And what's with the "owners" thing?

Gee...isn't it appalling to think that our four-footed friends are actually property??? Owned, like slaves, by rich masters??? Where is the retribution???

Where, in the name of justice, is PETA????


Breathlessly we're told that:

“To have them [the dogs, I think she means...not the governor and other pols. But I may be wrong.] be festive and full of pride just adds another exciting element to the event,” said Linda DeMarco, president of the Boston Pride Day committee.

My name is Kelly Clark. As a taxpaying citizen of Boston, Massachusetts, I'm paying for this crap.