Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pray for Tony Blair who has "some way to go"

The long running rumours (British spelling, eh, what?) that outgoing Prime Minister may make his "Catholic in Sort of Everything but Name Only" (or CSENO) a thing of the past after meeting with Pope Benedict tomorrow appear to be true.

"Some way to go"

Three years ago his parish priest at Chequers, Fr Timothy Russ, disclosed that Mr Blair had discussed becoming a Catholic with him.

But Fr Russ added that Mr Blair, whose views on a range of issues from abortion to stem cell research are at odds with traditional Church teaching, had "some way to go" on important moral issues. In a new book, Fr Russ also reveals that Mr Blair even discussed the possibility of becoming a Catholic deacon, a position below that of a priest that can be held by lay people.

Definitely worth praying about.

Source: UK Telegraph