Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Aha!!! "Latin" Mass linked with pervert priests!!!

So anyway, I made this bet with myself.

"Self," I challenged, "I'll bet you it'll take maybe two days for somebody to link the liberation of the Tridentine Mass with the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal."

"You're on," I retorted. "Nobody could be that stupid."

I lost the bet...but only by a few days.

We learn from The Reverend Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite (I'm not making it up, that's her name) of the United Church of Christ (one of the one zillion, one hundred and thirty million, four hundred and twenty five and one half point two six Protestant denominations...give or take):

To me, the symbol of the Latin Mass being reintroduced in this time when the struggle to stop child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is still going on is very instructive. The Latin Mass was a product of a reactionary time in the Catholic Church where it rejected many very necessary reforms and consolidated its power in the hierarchy. Today the re-introduction of the Latin Mass signals to me that far from becoming open to the kinds of changes needed to protect children from abuse, the Catholic Church is once again circling the wagons, rejecting necessary reforms and consolidating its power in the hierarchy.

"Kelly...not to change the subject but how could you have lost a bet with yourself??"

I'm good at it. It takes practice, of course.

'Course, technically, I didn't actually lose the bet. Ms. Thistlethwaite (by now the name is rolling off my tongue!) is, like most feather heads (please don't think I'm calling Ms. Thistlethwaite a feather head...she's got all these degrees and all) insists on calling the Tridentine Mass "The Latin Mass." Which of course it isn't. The Novus Ordo, Ms. Thistlethwaite, is "The Latin Mass."

So, while yes, a technicality, I didn't actually lose the bet.

Myself? Yes, I did.