Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One of many Motu Proprio stupid articles...this one by some guy named Flinn

We open with the terrifying news that:

CATHOLICS AROUND the world should now have no illusions. Pope Benedict XVI's recent decision to encourage wider use of the traditional Tridentine Mass in Latin is the latest move in his long campaign to undo liberal reforms in church practices popular with Catholics since the 1960s.

Not scared enough yet? Well...

The move may well trigger liturgical schisms in dioceses throughout the world.

Now, we're given a real accurate description of the Tridentine Mass:

The form of the Mass was promulgated by Pope Paul V in the Roman Missal in 1570. In this rite the priest stands on an elevated altar, facing away from the people and mumbling the most sacred parts of the liturgy in Latin.

(As an aside: this guy actually is credited with writing a book called the "Encyclopedia of Catholicism"(!))

Here's a question. If the priest faces "away from the people," where do you face during Mass? Do you, too, face "away from the people?" You do unless you're in the very last pew. How dare you!!!

Be prepared for more idiocy, friends. But hang in there.

And by the way...

Can somebody clue in Mr. Flinn on a few things? Namely, that (A) any priest can, while celebrating the Novus Ordo Mass, may face ad orientem (that would be toward the east, the rising Sun...remember to explain that "mumbled piece" of Latin to him) and that (B) the Novus Ordo Mass may be celebrated in any language—including the "mumbled" Latin—and that (C) the sanctuaries of many Roman Catholic churches, including my own parish church, are, in fact, elevated?

"Catholic Encyclopedia" indeed. Sheesh.