Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mother Teresa, I love you.

Being in Heaven, Blessed Mother Teresa doesn't need my love but you know something? I'd love to have hers.

Not content with the painful Time Magazine article (which the author and editors manged to royally screw up), some denizens of this valley of tears have decided that making the lady into a laughing stock is suddenly hip.

I refer to David Letterman's stupid saint joke. (Stick to the pet tricks, Dave.)

Early this morning, a friend asked me if I'd heard that at one time Mother Teresa wrote a television station to ask them to keep a certain situation comedy on the air. After looking at him as though he'd grown another ear or something, I got the picture. He'd evidently been falling asleep with Letterman on the tube and heard the "joke." (Duh...this guy's a good friend but "Duh" anyway.)

This sort of thing is cruel beyond belief.

Not to Mother Teresa. By acknowledging her status as "Blessed," it is to be understood that this amazing and humble woman is enjoying the Beatific Vision and needs no prayers from us.

But I think we need her prayers.

Thankfully, Elizabeth Lev has written a terrific piece not only on Blessed Teresa, but more vital, on the sad people who are desperately seeking to have a spot of fun with Sister's dark night of the soul.

Like none of us have ever experienced that, right? Yeah.

I'm posting this link simply to give you some means of responding to the pathetic attempt at "Teresa bashing" (and Church bashing: they go hand-in-hand) you are very likely to encounter.

Blessed Mother Teresa, please pray for us.