Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kathy Saile and the U.S. Bishops: has she become pro-life?

I'm posting this entire press release because, may God forgive me, I'm afraid it might be removed soon:

Kathy Saile Named USCCB Domestic Policy Director

WASHINGTON (September 13, 2007)—Kathy Saile, a church advocate with a decade of experience in Catholic social ministry and Washington policy work, has been named Director of Domestic Policy for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

She starts her new position in October.

Since August 2004, Saile has been Associate Director of Public Policy for Lutheran Services in America (USA), in Washington. Previous positions include Director of the Office of Peace and Justice, Catholic Social Service of Central and Northern Arizona and director of the Archdiocese of Phoenix Catholic Campaign for Human Development, 2001-2004; and Coordinator of Social Justice and Outreach Ministries, Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, 1997-2001. She also served as a Loaned Executive to Catholic Charities USA, May-July 2003.

She holds a master’s degree in social work from Arizona State University, and a bachelor of science degree in organizational communication from Ohio University.

Msgr. David Malloy, USCCB General Secretary announced the appointment September 13.

“Kathy Saile brings to this important position strong commitment to the Catholic Church and its social teaching, impressive knowledge of key domestic issues and extensive policy and advocacy experience. Her service in diocesan social ministry and here in the nation’s capital will be great assets in helping the bishops articulate and advance the Church’s principles and policies seeking economic and social justice in our nation.”

Accepting the position, Saile highlighted her desire “to assist the Bishops in carrying out the Gospel mission” and expressed thanks for “this opportunity to integrate my commitment to social justice and my faith in my professional life."

The director of Domestic Social Development is the staff leader of the USCCB’s efforts on U.S. poverty, health care, hunger, housing, work, agriculture, the death penalty and other national issues.

Her office is within the new USCCB Department of Justice and Peace and Human Development and will work with the Bishops’ new committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development.


See, here's the thing, Excellencies and Eminences:

Your new appointment has a bit of baggage that I for one would like explained. Like, for example, her affiliation with "WIN." What is WIN, you ask? Let's let WIN tell you:

WIN is Washington’s premier professional, political, and social network dedicated to empowering young, Democratic, pro-choice women. Founded in 1989 on the idea that women can help women climb the ladder of success, WIN is now over 1,000 members strong and growing.

And guess what?

Last year your new "Director of Domestic Policy" spoke at a WIN dinner.

Now I kinda like the title of her address: "Did the Left Cede Heaven?" But I'm a little uneasy about the lady's past affiliation with Lutheran Services, which, for one thing isn't Catholic (yeah I know, ecumenism and all that) but more importantly, at least according to one source, has a habit of distributing birth control.

So tell me I'm all wet, Eminences and Excellencies.

Tell me that Kathy Saile is (I don't give a bleep if she's Lutheran) is one of the most avid and enthusiastic pro-life activists you've ever met, which is why you hired her to be your "Director of Domestic Policy." (Where do they get these titles?)

Tell me that a woman who most definitely spoke at an event sponsored by pro-killing people and who was, before her appointment by you, a director of a group that passes out birth control, is now an outspoken proponent of life (which I'm sure you'll agree is a "domestic" issue.)

Please tell me that. If you can't, then two words:

You're fired.

(h/t to Joe from Lynn)