Sunday, September 09, 2007

We R Church redefines "arrogance"

In the same article (you can't make this stuff up) from Vienna we read:

Sunshine finally poked through the clouds as the Pope delivered his weekly Angelus prayer on the plaza. But a gust of wind blew his white skullcap off his head, sending aides scrambling to retrieve it.

"The wind has spoken for itself," the Pope joked as more gusts tugged at the crimson mantel around his shoulders and repeatedly flipped it up over his face.

Then we are told that:

We Are Church, an influential Catholic lay organization pressing the Vatican to abolish the celibacy requirement for priests and give women a greater role in the church, displayed a banner Sunday that read: "We demand reforms."

Catch that. "We demand reforms."

Okay, so the Holy Father can laugh at himself while the "influential Catholic lay organization" demands reforms. On the same day. In the same place. Within the same hour, for heaven's sakes.

Kicker quote coming up:

Paul Weitzer, a group spokesman, said members were disappointed that the Pope did not agree to meet with them.

Benedict, he said, is "too arrogant to speak with us."

Like I said. You can't make this stuff up.