Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome home Jeffrey Steenson!

Episcopal bishop Jeffrey Steenson, Rio Grande, is becoming a Roman Catholic.

Please keep him and his family, along with the Episcopal church, in your prayers. And Thank you, Jesus!!!!!

Commonweal's blog posts an interesting reaction to Steenson's decision. It makes not a whole lot of sense to me. Except for the seemingly obligatory statements and phrases—generally followed by a "but" ("Of course, all are welcome" and "Certainly ecclesiology is vitally important" and "I of course can't judge anyone's conscience")—it almost appears that the blog of the, after all, Catholic magazine is...I don't know...a tad uneasy about the gentleman's conversion.

(But then I was a tad uneasy about the blog's "Voice of the Faithful" advertisement so I guess we're even.)

May God bless you, Jeffrey Steenson. And may Jesus continue to use His members to join us all together in Him. Amen.