Thursday, October 18, 2007

Portland Maine school committee invites 11-year-olds to have sex

This is not a sensational headline. It's simply the truth.

The Portland, Maine School Committee yesterday okayed a plan allowing King Middle School (for my friends in the mid-west, read "grade school") to give birth control pills and patches to sixth graders. Not only is parental consent not needed—it's bleeping outlawed.

The school, by the way, has been giving condoms to kids as young as eleven since 2002.

Are parents outraged? Some are. Some are acting stupid.

Richard Verrier is a parent in the Portland School district. "If my daughter were not able to talk with me about something, if she couldn't reach me for whatever reason, to keep her safe and healthy, I would want to make sure she had access to those resources from trusted adults."

Father Jonathan Morris of FOX responds:

Mr. Verrier’s idea of a trusted adult is abnormal. In the real world, a trusted adult does not give an eleven-year-old girl a birth control pill when the little girl comes to his office saying she is about to have sex and can’t reach her daddy. In this case, a trusted adult either makes contact with the parents or calls Child Services. If he can’t reach Child Services, he calls 9-1-1.

Read more, if you can stomach it, here, or just google the words "children birth control maine."