Monday, October 01, 2007

Who could be afraid of a God...

...who became a child? Saint Therese of the Child Jesus wondered about this and it's a very good question.

Certainly, the "fear of the Lord is the first stage of wisdom" but what sort of fear are we talking about? Fear of a harsh, temperamental God given to inexplicable rages and demands for appeasement?

That doesn't quite dovetail with a God who gladly and willingly became an embryo...and then a helpless infant.
No, if any fear of the Lord is necessary—and of course it is—it is the filial fear. The sort of trepidation that my young niece experienced while baking her first batch of chocolate chip cookies: "Will Daddy think they taste good...maybe as good as Mommy's? Or almost, at least?"

Or, probably a better example: "I'm so afraid Daddy will be disappointed in me because I didn't do my homework. Oh, how I wish I'd done it instead of watching TV!"
The main thrust of Therese's relationship with God was and remains the absolute certainty of His mercy and forgiveness and, above all, His understanding. Her "little way" is the path of everyday acts of holiness...and glorious are these acts when made with an unambiguous desire to please our loving God, and all of His children.

Be not afraid.

And Little Flower, please pray for us.