Friday, November 30, 2007

Personally I don't care if you see "The Golden Compass" or not but sheesh, didn't Harry Forbes and the the US bishops learn anything...

...from the "Brokeback Mountain" fiasco?

(They gave the "gay cowboy" movie a great review until about a zillion people gave the artistic boobs a big DUH!)

I didn't want to give any virtual ink to "The Golden Compass" because I figured ignoring the work of its anti-religion creator was the best way to elude what this guy Philip Pullman is really after, or at least is in my opinion: sales of his "Atheism Rules" books to unsuspecting parents who want something hip to give to their kids this Christmas.

Then the USCCB film gurus screwed it all up.

The thing is, Philip Pullman has every right to promulgate his atheism in any way he sees fit. But for Heaven's sakes, do the bishops--aided and abetted by Forbes--have to hold the door for him?

Here's the "review." It speaks for itself and its writers and not all that flatteringly so.