Monday, November 12, 2007

Pope plans U.S. visit April 15-20, 2008


His Holiness plans to visit these shores this spring, specifically, Washington, D.C. and NYC.

This is rather cool, since the visit coincides with both the Pope's 81st birthday and the third anniversary of his election as Vicar of Christ.

Boston, alas, isn't on the itinerary.

Among those saddened by Boston's loss of the papal visit are:

Me. I'd offered a spare room close to Boston's Cathedral of the Holy Cross, sheesh. FREE, even! 'Course, this renders a cleaning chore unnecessary, so that's alright.

Anne Barrett Doyle (google her...I'm not giving her any easy ink) who's p.o.'d at the missed opportunity to insult the Pontiff. The woman actually believes the Pope is "afraid" of her idiotic protests.

David Clohessy (ditto on the googling thing) who once upon a time sounded like a sensible fellow but now, like Doyle, acts like a professional whiner.


One reason the Pope may not have Boston in his travel plans has to do with timing...his visit coincides with the eve of the running of the Boston Marathon.

Or, he just might not have the time.

Or, he might not have ever considered it. Hard as it is for Bostonians to believe, New York and D.C. are sorta major cities when compared to us.

In any case, this country should feel honored to host such a prince of the Church.

Long live the Pope!