Friday, January 25, 2008

Jerry Springer and the conversion of Saint Paul

Okay, call me a wimp.

(Hey...I didn't mean that literally, sheesh!)

But here's the thing.

Christians have been persecuted from the get-go.

Today we celebrated the Feast of Saint Paul's Conversion. Prior to getting knocked off his high horse (yes I know the Bible never recorded Paul-then-Saul being on a horse) the guy was an observant Jew, albeit in the only way he thought a lousy way.

It included, by his own admission, brutally hunting down men, women, and kids who followed Christ and throwing them into prison or worse.

Christ Himself intervened and converted Saul. Why?

I don't know, really. But I strongly suspect — as did some fathers of the Church — that prayers had something to do with it.

Take Stephen, for example.

In a Christ-like manner, the martyred Christian prayed for those who killed him. Were it not for the prayers of Stephen, would Jesus have taken steps?

"Kelly...what's your point here?"

Oh. Sorry. Well, there's this wacky "opera" slated for Carnegie Hall, New York, called Jerry Springer: The Opera. The main point of it is to entertain folks by slaying Christian beliefs...not unlike those blood-lusting folk of ancient Rome.

Now don't get me wrong!

I truly admire Bill Donohue, the American TFP, and others for blasting this monstrosity and urging action. Go for it! Defend the Faith!

But do remember Saint Stephen and his example. Pray for those who continue to try to persecute Jesus and us. Ask Jesus to intervene once again and convert those who want our Faith dead. Poor souls...they don't quite get the fact that Jesus already won forever.

Personally, I'd rather see the creators and participants of this silly "opera" seeing the light than merely closing a tacky piece of "show biz."