Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Odd question on the priesthood and celibacy

A woman whose husband would like to be considered for the Catholic priesthood asks:

With all due respect, how in the hell can celibate unmarried (or never married) people possibly give adequate marriage counseling? Ridiculous. While the Catholic Church bemoans the modern divorce rates, I see them doing little to remedy this glaring oversight.

I find this question, or rather stance, rather odd.

One might, using this reasoning, may also ask:

How can oncologists who have never had cancer possibly treat cancer patients?

How can an obstetrician who has never given birth possibly deliver a baby?

How can a CPA, who has never owned a business, advise a business owner?

How can a woman (or man), who has never participated in armed conflict, possibly become President of the United States which means being Commander-in-Chief of armed forces?