Friday, February 01, 2008

It takes a nun, I guess: why the Equinox "Fitness" ad is really stupid

A couple of days ago I lost it while blogging my outrage of Equinox "Fitness" club's ad featuring heavily made up "nuns" and a buffed up naked male body. I ended up deleting the blog.

Sister Julie of A Nun's Life helped me see where I made my mistake. While spending my time plotzing about the disrespect shown to the "poor nuns" I missed the crucial point.

The ad is absurd. The ad agency did a disservice to their client and the advertiser, a disservice to itself.

But Sister Julie puts it far better:

...I want to say that this ad has nothing to do with appreciating the human body or the human person. While I agree wholeheartedly with the Paulist Sisters who are taking the high road, I’ve got to take one little detour off that road to say that the ad is just bad. Bad taste. Bad spirit. Even bad advertising. ”Work out at our gym so you can get a killer body which will attract nuns.” Is that really the message you want to send, Equinox?

The money spent in a stupid ad by Equinox? Thousands.

Sister Julie's commentary? Priceless.

Read the whole thing here.