Friday, February 08, 2008

Yeah but see, Ray...she's pro abortion. Doesn't that make a difference?

I'm sorry, but I just don't understand "loyalty" as defined by Ray Flynn.

“Sure, I’ll tell you who I voted for,” Ray said. “Hillary Clinton. I could give you plenty of reasons why, too, but the first one is the most important: Her husband gave me a job. And a pretty good one.

“Look, I happen to come from the old school,” he said proudly, “and that happens to be a place where loyalty means everything."

Yeah, but...loyalty to whom, Ray?

And for those of you who think this doesn't really matter, it being after all, a primary, not a "real" election:

If, in the end, loyalty is not enough to propel his candidate to the Democratic nomination, Flynn said he would have no trouble supporting Barack Obama. “We’ve got to get back to old-fashioned politics,” Flynn said, “when people tried to get past their differences and work with each other. It’s time. The country can’t take anymore of what’s been happening these past eight years. Democrats are in a good place this year. The country needs someone who’ll listen to their heart and trust their feelings and value old-school things like loyalty.”

Loyalty. The unborn might want a bit of that too, Ray.

Sometimes I just don't get politics.

Even if I were a Democrat, I can't imagine voting for someone so blatantly pro-abortion. I'd change to independent status, I guess. In any case, were I one of the most visible pro-life, pro-family personalities in the Bay State, I can't imagine bragging, for bleep's sake, about supporting anybody who so obviously is fighting on the other side.

“Look, I wish with all my heart she was pro-life,” he said, “but back when I worked for her husband, she was well aware of why my opinions were on the pro-life/ pro-choice debate and both of them respected that."

What feasts we make of crumbs.

Source: The Boston Herald