Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bishop Fulton Sheen...

...not only cracks me up but makes me glad to actually have a television set in my temporary "quarters."

Actually, I owe a great big Deo Gratias to EWTN. Now that's something worth watching!

Oh, well, I know I'm no doubt preaching to the choir but to tell you the truth I've never been all that big on any TV in recent years (no doubt an explanation for my tears on the aforementioned "Leave it to Beaver" episode.

But being pretty much stuck in a room where there alternative is reading or trying not to notice that (a) nature is calling again or (b) the skin inside your cast itches, the tube (and many thanks to my buddy Alden for bringing it down for me) suddenly doesn't look all that awful.

Yesterday, I watched a Bible study course on Exodus — particularly on the plagues of Egypt. Fascinating stuff! Today — after receiving the Blessed Sacrament from said good friend Alden — I was able to watch a number of Masses and Holy Hours. One Mass was included, during Communion, an audio Act of Desire!

God is good.