Monday, April 21, 2008

Kelly plays Katchup...and miracles!

Hey folks!

It's been a while and I've got some really good excu -- er, reasons for my absence, but first:

Praise God!!!

You can read Michael Paulson's whole story about five abuse victims of the Boston Archdiocese meeting with the Holy Father starting here.

But the absolute best part is toward the end of the three page story:

[Abuse victim Olan] Horne asked [Father John] Connolly to hear his confession. It was the first time, Horne said, that he had been to confession in 30 years.

Can you imagine the partying going on in Heaven???

Now about me...

I'm not using my computer on accounta my hard drive crashed. Now that wouldn't be so bad except that it chose to crash at the precise time my automatic back-up maker was in use. Result? All my data -- all of it -- may be gone. We're using some sort of doo-dad called "Disk Warrior" (you Mac geeks might be familiar with it) to retrieve the stuff, but so far, nada.

Which explains why the Catholic Crossword Puzzle folks got zilch this weekend, among other things.

If the data is irretrievable (although why it should be is puzzling...I did ask for Saint Anthony's help, after all) I might ask you folks to email me, so I can get your addresses. Like I said, as of now, everything is lost. But we'll wait a bit on that.

In other news, my broken foot is still broken. Two more weeks in a cast and then some therapy is in the offing. Those of you blessed enough to receive Communion daily, please be grateful! (I know you are, actually.)

Anyway, that's the story. I plan to access this computer as often as I can...and to try not to pester Saint Anthony too much.

Thanks for reading!