Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No, Scott D. Pomfret...this "loony tunes Catholic whackjob" didn't rat you out

Remember this post?

Turns out the blogger got in a snit because (at first) he didn't get a ticket to the Mass celebrated by the Holy Father last Sunday...and blames me.

April 7

Loony tunes Catholic whackjob blogger-snitch picks up on my blog. She prays for me (and apparently rats me out to the Archdiocese).

Now which four items in this post are true?

1.) I may be "loony toons"
2.) I'm definitely Catholic
3.) I may be a "whackjob"
4.) I did and still pray for the guy

And the lies?

1.) That "snitch" thing. Trust me on this one Scott: had I "snitched" on you I would've let you know it.
2.) I did not "rat you out" to the Archdiocese of Boston. Hard as it is to believe, I'm not really tight with the PTB there, you follow me?

What I wrote was and remains my point...that Scott's motivations for wanting to attend the Papal Mass apparently weren't the best.

But Scott old buddy? To wah-wah-wah about the difficulty in getting your Admit One Pass after blogging about what you might or might not do at the Mass is pretty lame. And to blame others for your, uh, inconvenience is lamer still.

Hope you enjoyed yourself.