Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Foot progress report

Okay, I know this news isn't as important as the Democratic primary elections which (finally!) seem to be ending, but what the heck...it's my foot we're talking about here.

For those of you who don't remember, I broke my foot in several places on Easter Sunday. Since then I've been, consecutively, immobile, in a cast, a bit more mobile, still in a cast, then crutches, then some wacky boot...with crutches. Bottom line: since Easter I haven't exactly been Miss Twinkle Toes and pretty much housebound except for doctors' appointments and Sunday Mass. Actually, I missed the entire Easter Season except for Pentecost Sunday when I began to attend Mass again. (Many thanks to my friend and co-worker, Alden, for bringing me the Blessed Sacrament!)

Today, X-Rays showed marked improvement and to my utter delight, my doctor took me off both the crutches and the boot, "unless needed."

What the bleep does "unless needed" mean?

I hope to find out Thursday when I see the physical therapist. In the meantime, I've been cautiously walking around in real shoes, with no crutches! Admittedly it's a tad painful and I feel a bit dizzy, but still...it's wonderful!