Friday, June 20, 2008

Virginia charity probed for helping teen get abortion...and the kicker?

The charity is called "Commonwealth Catholic Charities."

This story is so ugly it's tough to comment.

You tell me.

Here's the recently released AP story.

Here's the PR released by "Commonwealth Catholic Charities" on the "unfortunate event" released yesterday.

Just to prepare you, here's the opening graphs of the CCC fluff:

In January 2008, a minor in foster care in Richmond, procured an abortion while receiving support services from Commonwealth Catholic Charities (CCC).

An investigation of this unfortunate event revealed that some members of CCC staff assisted the minor in preparations leading up to the abortion, and that one member of staff signed the consent form necessary for the minor to have the abortion. The minor was taken to and from the abortion facility by a person associated with CCC.

Neither agency nor diocesan funds were used to pay for the procedure. A subsequent investigation also revealed that about two months prior to the abortion the minor had been assisted by CCC staff with implantation of a contraceptive device.

The irony of the AP story has got to be this paragraph:

"...the conference [that would be the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, no less] acknowledged some responsibility for the incident and said it has revised agreements with the more than 1,700 Catholic Charities offices nationwide to explicitly bar services that contradict Catholic teachings. Catholics are strongly opposed to abortion, and it isn't clear why the organization assisted the teen." is the world to know that "Catholics are strongly opposed to abortion" when stuff like this happens?

Stuff like—incredibly—this:

Members, and perhaps leaders, of the Roman Catholic Church evidently not content with breaking Church law have taken it upon themselves to break civil law. On abortion, no less.

Now this is a Scandal with a capital S.