Friday, September 19, 2008

Obama: afraid of a woman who survived a saline abortion

First of all, abortion survivor Gianna Jessen and friends made an ad asking Senator Barack Obama to please support "born alive" legislation...acts that would protect infants who, by the grace of God, survived abortion. The ad clearly is a product of Gianna (whom I had the privilege of meeting in Washington years ago) and a group called BornAliveTruth. A few posts down, I directed readers to the website, its mission, and the ad itself.

In no way was the ad, as far as anybody can see, paid for, sponsored by, or, hell, even endorsed by the McCain campaign.

Yet, the Obama folk chose to attack this lady...and McCain. Here's the result:

Now, if anyone wishes to keep nestling in the comforting knowledge that "attack ads" is what politics is all about, feel free to do so. But you're going to have to go some to convince me that this ad is merely politics as usual.