Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Commenter Justin answers my question. Thanks! And please...FINI!

Last Friday, after posting a rather lengthy forwarded e-mail originating from the group called "MassResistance," I admitted that I was confused and asked for clarification. I did not ask for a debate on same-sex "marriage." I certainly didn't want to engage in one.

I am weary of having to delete posts. I'm also somewhat surprised that my request to close the thread went largely ignored. (HaloScan allows comment deletion and editing. However, I can't figure out if there's a way to actually close comments without deleting the entire post.)

In any case, I am grateful to commenter Justin for giving me a reasonably written clarification on Cardinal O'Malley's actions.

Thank you all for your participation. And please consider, on this blog at least, the topic of Cardinal O'Malley's petition signature closed. (You may, o' course, feel free to discuss it on your own blogs.)

God bless you.