Monday, October 27, 2008

"We recognize a holocaust when we see one." An open letter to "pro choice" candidates from Father Frank Pavone, with an introduction from the pew lady

I am totally and unambiguously SICK AND (#*!)(&$& TIRED of the label "single issue voter" attached to me by utterly ignorant people. But, to use the vernacular of today's pundits, at the end of the day, human life means something to me. So let me be labeled that. I suspect it makes the so-called "pro choice" folks a tad less uncomfortable in their own skin.

Know this:

Even if the Democratic Party candidates held numerous positions with which I could be comfortable—which they emphatically do not—their fanatical embrace of the "right" to scrape, suck, suffocate, burn or otherwise torture and kill innocent children would trump all that. As it would any human being with a shred of humanity.

Or maybe not!

Here's the weird thing. I know some—many!—who, incredibly, to me, simply do not seem to connect Obama with the murder of children! I feel, often, like Alice confronting the Red Queen in discussions about this. And utterly unable to make sense out of it all.

And so I give you Father Frank Pavone.