Friday, November 21, 2008

Cody's even better...Thank God!

Many pewsters have been praying for Cody Lehe and his family. Just the other day I noticed a comment on this post...remarkable! Cody's Aunt Denise read it and writes to us:

I forwarded that website to my brother and they remembered the boy and his family very well. In fact, they have run into them occasionally since they got to know them at the ICU. Cody is still improving, although very slowly. They have had him on a treadmill....unbelievable.....and he is able to walk, at a very slow pace (.3 mph), for 5 minutes. He really has beat the odds of everything the doctors told them he would ever be able to do!!! He still has physical therapy 3 days a week and has in-home speech therapy, school work, etc. 2 days a week. They are hopeful, and have made plans, for a family vacation next Spring!!! That would just be amazing!! It would be a very well-deserved break for all of them. He just passed the two year anniversary of the accident, so it has been a very long time since they've been able to get away. He has a great spirit and really keeps everyone on their toes with his sense of humor and "shock" appeal!!

Thanks for your continued prayers for Cody and his family.