Saturday, December 27, 2008

Adopt a soul! (It's easy, and the rewards are out of this world!)

It's time to adopt a soul! The idea is simple:

Take upon yourself some responsibility of getting a soul out of Purgatory and into Heaven.

Here's how it works:

Of course I know you pray for those souls you've known and perhaps even loved...kin, kith, and so on. But what makes this plan unique is simply this:

You don't know this person from Adam! You find a soul, unknown to you, and pray for him or her every's that easy!

"Hey, do I go about finding this soul?"

Again, it's simple. Here are just three ways...I know you can think of more.

  • Look around your parish church. Chances are, there are windows, fonts, or other pieces dedicated to the memory of somebody you don't know. Grab one (the soul, not the object) and make this person your own. Pray for him or her every day.
  • Take a stroll through a cemetery. Look for the most unkempt stone you can find and make that person your own, and remember him or her in your daily prayers.
  • Open your newspaper on any given day of the week and I can pretty much guarantee you'll find someone who's died, and I'm not even talking about the obits! Sometimes—most of the time—these stories are pretty depressing. Don't let them be. Adopt one of these souls and work to get him or her into Heaven.
"But what if this soul is already in Heaven?"

Uh...that would be the last thing you have to worry about. And besides, God knows what He's doing. I promise you that your prayers—that no prayer—will ever go to waste.

Adopting a soul...a great way to make an everlasting friend.