Monday, December 22, 2008

Advancing "reproductive rights": pro-aborts lose no time in pressuring Obama

Right after the election, pro-aborts put together their recommendations on "reproductive rights" to president-elect Obama. In a 55 page report, the message is clear:

(by the way, my personal comments are in blue)

"Call on Congress to Pass the Freedom of Choice Act ("and, hey, anything you can to stop babies from living would be greatly appreciated.")

"The undersigned coalition of medical, public health, research, religious and religiously-affiliated, women’s health, legal, and other advocacy organizations calls on the next President to advance and implement the agenda outlined below and begin to put the United States back on a path that honors, respects, and protects the health and rights of women and their families both in the United States and abroad."

Here are the signatories of this piece of shame:

Abortion Care Network
Advocates for Youth
African American Women Evolving, Inc. [site temporarily unavailable]
American Association of University Women (AAUW)
American Civil Liberties Union [promoting liberty for all, unless they're annoying or inconvenient]
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
American Jewish World Service [always a stunner when Jews promote the holocaust of abortion]
American Medical Student Association
American Social Health Association
Association of Reproductive Health Professionals ["don't take away our bread-and-butter!"]
Black Women’s Health Imperative ["eugenics? what's eugenics?"]
Catholics for Choice [sadly, a familiar misnomer]
Center for American Progress Action Fund
Center for Genetics and Society
Center for Health and Gender Equity
Center for Inquiry [somehow I don't think they have any answers]
Center for Reproductive Rights
Choice USA
Feminist Majority
Generations Ahead [not if you guys have your way!]
Guttmacher Institute
Healthy Teen Network ["because abortion is good for you!"]
International Planned Parenthood Federation, Western Hemisphere Region
International Women’s Health Coalition
Jewish Women International
Law Students for Reproductive Justice [who represents the child?]
Legal Momentum
Moving Forward Initiative [no website that I could find]
NARAL Pro-Choice America [no surprise here]
National Abortion Federation [gotta hand it to 'em...they don't mince words]
National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum
National Coalition of STD Directors (NCSD)
National Council of Jewish Women
National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association
National Health Law Program (NHeLP) [ever notice how often the word "health" is used by pro-aborts?]
National Institute for Reproductive Health
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health
National Network of Abortion Funds ["don't have the bucks to kill the baby? count on us!"]
National Organization for Women [is this group still functioning???]
National Partnership for Women & Families [yes, they just love families]
National Women’s Law Center
National Women’s Health Network
New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty
Northwest Women’s Law Center
Pathfinder International [in my opinion, they've lost their way]
Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health [some of these group names are incredible!]
Planned Parenthood Federation of America [its "holiday" theme is "Choice on Earth"]
Population Action International ["the fewer the merrier"]
Population Connection [they claim too many people "raise emissions"]
Raising Women’s Voices for the Health
Care We Need [no website found]
Rebecca Project for Human Rights [at first glance, I can't figure out why this group is a signatory]
Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice [incredibly, the site banner pronounces "all life is sacred"]
Reproductive Health Technologies Project
Secular Coalition for America ["enough `religion'...let us atheists in on this!"]
Sexuality Information and Education [this name sounds painfully familiar to me]
Council of the United States (SIECUS) [so does this one]
Sierra Club [and here I thought they liked creation!]
The MergerWatch Project [their site's down but here's what they're about]
Union for Reform Judaism
Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations [site banner: "representing over 1,000 liberal congregations"]
Women of Reform Judaism
Women Thrive Worldwide [unless, of course, they're unwanted women babies]

The document can be found at the president-elect's transition site. They say they're asking for comments. Here's the link to do so.

(H/T to the good folks at Fight FOCA.)