Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"The Future Depends on Love": new Catholic TV show

If you're concerned about morality messages propagated by mainstream television and other media, you (and your kids) might want to tune in, or check out online, a new effort by Boston's CatholicTV.

Hosted by David and Angela Franks, professors at Boston's Saint John's Seminary, "The Future Depends on Love" covers topics such as natural family planning versus artificial birth control, chastity, marriage as a vocation, Theology of the Body, sex, love, and more.

Guests run the range from clerics like Sean Cardinal O'Malley and other bishops, to athletes like former Giants Super Bowl champ Chris Godfrey, and college students.

The show is viewable each week on Mondays (5:30 PM), Tuesdays (1:30 PM), Wednesdays (3:30 AM), Thursdays (11:30 AM and 8:00 PM), and Sundays (3:30 PM). Check it out on television or watch it online at these times by going to the CatholicTV website. It's free! You can also watch full-screen, archived episodes of the show at this site anytime.

(All times are Eastern Standard.)