Friday, February 27, 2009

Maryland senate committee denies pregnant women's rights

"No, you can't see your baby."

That, in essence is what the senate finance committee of Maryland told pregnant women when it beat down an act that would have allowed a woman considering abortion to view her baby's ultrasound prior to making her decision.

So much for a "woman's right to choose."

Keeping women in the dark is good for the abortion business

Please note that the Ultrasound Options Bill, sponsored by Senator Bryan Simonaire, does not require a woman to view the ultrasound. It only gives her the opportunity to do so.

But the senators would deny a woman this opportunity to view her own child.

Abortion pushers: hypocrisy in action

The National Abortion Federation's 2008 Clinical Policy Guidelines state that abortion practitioners must obtain informed consent and assess that the decision to have an abortion is made freely by the patient.

From the document paragraph entitled "Informed Consent"

Standard 1: The clinician must ensure that accurate information is provided regarding the risks, benefits, and possible complications of the abortion process.

Standard 2: There must be documentation that the patient affirms that she understands the procedure and its alternatives; the potential risks, benefits, and complications; that her decision is uncoerced; and that she is prepared to have an abortion.

Here is a way to insure that a woman is prepared to have an abortion...that she understands the procedure...that she understands what precisely she is about to do. Informed consent.

But when offered this rather obvious way to obtain informed consent, the senators did (surprise!) representatives of NARAL, Pro-Choice Maryland, Planned Parenthood, and some abortion mills who opposed the bill.

Women, wake up!

There are people out there who do not want to grant you a "choice" when it comes to abortion. They've already made your choice for you. They do not want you to have your baby. It's not your's theirs.

To deny a woman the right to see her own unborn child is more than's intolerable and must not be tolerated.