Monday, February 16, 2009

Pope Benedict/Nancy Pelosi meeting...anybody up for praying for the latter's change of heart?

After reading what Deal Hudson, LifeSite News, and Father Tom Euteneuer have to say about the speaker's upcoming meeting with the Pontiff, I've gotta ask: is anybody confidently praying, hoping, and/or cheering on the notion that the Vicar of Christ may just possibly guide the pro-abortion pol (and, not incidentally, child of God) into repentance?

Of course, it's extremely likely that it goes without saying that the above journalists and other Catholic bloggers are praying for just that...but I think it should go with saying.

A very wise nun told me the day after the election that she felt very strongly that this administration will result in a vast number of conversions. I believe her.

I believe God can do anything He wills...and have no doubt that He wills the conversion of Nancy Pelosi.