Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boston area folks: Relive the Passion on Good Friday

From my friend Colbe Mazzarella:

The 22nd Annual Way of the Cross for Life is a peaceful procession to pray for the end of abortion. Join us on Good Friday morning, walking from church to church in downtown Boston.

The details:

Meet at Government Center Plaza, next to the MBTA Station, at 9:00 AM. The group plans to peacefully and prayerfully walk from Government Center to Cathedral of the Holy Cross, stopping at the Paulist Center, Saint Thomas More Chapel, Saint Anthony's Shrine, and Saint James on the way. Bring your Rosaries, but keep your signs at home.

Hint: you can park for free in the lot behind the Cathedral, and take the Silver Line bus which willl drop you off about 3 blocks from Government Center.

Thank you, Colbe. May God bless your work!

For further information, contact Colbe at