Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dear Father Jenkins: pray for President Obama, but don't honor him


Fourth Sunday in Lent

Dear Father Jenkins,

Please know that you and the University of Notre Dame are in my prayers.

I'm writing you to ask that you prayerfully reconsider honoring President Obama on May 17.

While it is not for the sheep to shepherd the shepherd, it is still the duty of every disciple to do whatever is possible to lead one another to the Kingdom of God.

This includes, of course, President Obama.

By bestowing honors on a leader holding, arguably, one of the strongest pro-abortion records in U.S. history, a Catholic University strongly implies that such records are of little or no import. This erroneous implication does a disservice not just to Catholics, and not just to your disserves the honoree himself.

Pray for our President, yes. But do not, I beg you, use the university named for Our Lady to confuse the unambiguous fact that abortion is murder and therefore not to be tolerated...much less ignored.

In Mary, Mother of the Unborn Jesus,

Kelly Clark
27 Whiting Street
Boston, MA 02119

To register by phone, fax, petition, and/or email your objections to the choice of President Barack Obama as principal commencement speaker and honorary law degree recipient at Notre Dame on May 17, go here.