Thursday, March 05, 2009

Obama: pro abortion, not "pro choice"

If President Obama has his way—and it looks like he will—then my "choice"—and yours, if you're pro life—will be tossed in the trash like an aborted baby.

I disapprove of murdering the unborn. And yet it looks like I will be forced to pay for it.

Since taking office, President Obama:
  • Overturned the "Mexico City Policy" which required organizations accepting federal funds to refrain from promoting or performing abortions overseas. Now I'm going to have to pay for abortions overseas.
  • Is "looking forward" to giving my money to the United Nations Population Fund, which promotes overseas abortions.
  • Wants to continue to use my money to fund the abortion industry, while not allowing my money to help pregnancy resource organizations which help women find alternative solutions to abortion.
  • Continues to oppose the Hyde Amendment, which, for now, stops Medicaid/Medicare $$$ from overseas abortions. funding abortions in most cases.
  • Is expected to include abortion coverage in any national health care plan produced under his administration.
  • Began the process of overturning President Bush's Provider Conscience clause, which gives the right—scratch that, reaffirms the right—of medical providers to say no to "procedures" that violate their consciences.

If this is what people call "pro choice," then somebody better buy me an updated dictionary. I can't. My dough, evidently, is tied up elsewhere...I've got abortions to pay for.

And so do you.

H/T to Gay Bauer an Daniel Allot of American Values.