Friday, June 26, 2009

Might it be time for certain "Protectors of Marriage" to take a time out and THINK?

In my mailbox today came a (forwarded, naturally) message from some group Dedicated to the Protection of Marriage or some such slogan asking for my outrage (and my money, naturally) to fund a series of radio ads against a Terrible Danger.

Seems like some folks confused about their gender want the right to use any john they want.

Gasp! Horrors! The Bathroom Bill (I'm not making this up) must be stopped!!!!


I'm not at all confused about my gender but I've gotta admit it...many a time, say at Fenway, I've snuck into the Men's Room to avail myself of the facilities because (no offense, dames) the lines in the Lady's Room were way too long for my taste...or my bladder.

So a few folks who want to legitimize the transgender lifestyle are taking their argument to the toilet. For heaven's sake, let them! And quit telling me that by letting them, I am contributing to the Ruin of Civilization As We Know It because I ain't buying it.

And as for the so-called "protection of marriage"...

Look. I'm married. I've been married before. Both my marriages are sacramental, and yes, I believe in their sanctity—as sacraments, they are by definition, holy.

And, no, I don't believe in "same-sex marriage." I also don't believe in a round square or a rectangular circle. I don't believe in "same-sex marriage" not because it "threatens" my marriage or even the institution of marriage.

I don't believe in it because it's nonsense.

But equally nonsensical is the notion that "same-sex marriage" or "same-sex bathrooms" are going to Destroy Civilization, Destroy the Family, and/or Destroy Marriage.

Newsflash: heterosexuals have done a damn good job of Destroying Marriage without any help from homosexual activism, thank you very much. All you have to do is look at the divorce stats for as long as I've been on this earth to figure that out.

So, can we please cut—you should excuse the expression—the crap?

If you're worried about your kid using a public john that might host somebody of the opposite sex, for heaven's sake go with him. Or her.

And if you're worried about the Sanctity of Marriage, may we at least quit trying remove the splinter from the eyes of confused homosexual activists...before giving a tug at the the log in our own?