Monday, August 03, 2009

Perpetual Adoration returns to Boston after 40 years!

"Adorers are not content to be alone in adoring, loving, and serving the God of the Eucharist,” they wish “to make Him adored, loved and served by all…to erect a throne of love for Him everywhere and find faithful adorers for Him.”

St. Peter Julian Eymard, Priest of the Eucharist

After four decades, Perpetual Adoration will, God willing, return to Boston...appropriately enough, at Saint Clement's Eucharistic Shrine.

From Chris Pham of CatholicTV:

The return of perpetual adoration to Boston was in direct response to the call of Pope Benedict XVI to have spaces dedicated to prayers for vocations and the sanctity of priests during the Year for Priests.

Large billboard advertisements in East Boston and Brighton, MA are currently advertising the return of perpetual adoration. The billboards show a picture of the sun shining in the sky with the caption “Sun’s rays for Your Body”. To the right of the image of the sun is an image of a monstrance which holds the Eucharist. The message reads “The Son’s rays for Your Soul”.

Watch CatholicTV August 4 at 10:30 AM, ET, or just check the archives... see and hear Father Peter Grover, OMV, rector of Saint Clement's, talk about Perpetual Adoration with lay coordinator Tim Van Damm.

Miracles do happen.

For a great read on this, check out the Boston Pilot story, here.