Friday, August 21, 2009

Pope Saint Pius X: priest of the Eucharist

We can thank God — and His servant, Pope Saint Pius X — for the opportunity for daily Communion, and for the availability of Jesus to children. From the canonization address of this amazing man:

A priest, above all is in the Eucharistic ministry: this is the most faithful portrayal of Saint Pius X. To serve the mystery of the Blessed Eucharistic as a priest, and to fulfill the command of our Savior—`do this in remembrance of me'—was his goal. From the day of his sacred Ordination until his death as Pope he knew no other path than this in order to arrive at heroism and in his love of God and to bring about a wholehearted return to that Redeemer of the world, Who by means of the Blessed Eucharist poured out the wealth of His divine love on men.

Overcoming the prejudices springing from an erroneous practice, he resolutely promoted frequent, even daily, Communion of the faithful and unhesitatingly led children to the banquet of the Lord, offering them to the embrace of the God hidden on the altars. The spouse of Christ experienced a new springtime of Eucharistic life.

The Holy Eucharist and the interior life: this is the supreme Adoration of the Real Presence and universal lesson which Saint Pius X, from the height of glory, teaches in this hour to all souls. As apostle of the interior life, he becomes, in the age of machine and organization the saint and guide of men in our time.

Pope Pius XII, on the canonization of Pope Pius X, May 29, 1954