Tuesday, September 22, 2009

(Father) Richard McBrien must be humble...why else would he revel in displaying ignorance?

From the National "Catholic" Reporter:

Lest anyone question Benedict's personal preference in this matter, it should be pointed out that, beginning on the feast of Corpus Christi last year, those receiving Communion from the pope must do so only on the tongue. He has also expressed support for restoring the practice of the priest's celebrating Mass "facing the East," which means in plain English with his back to the people.

Uh...no. In plain English it means "facing God." By your logic, Father o' mine, if I sit in the first few pews I'm turning my back to my brothers and sisters in Christ. The Mass, my dear Father, isn't about the celebrant. Although you'd never know it when attending Mass celebrated by your comrades. It's distracting as bleep to be subjected to the showman trying to make eye contact with the audience -- excuse me, congregation -- instead of trying to reach God.

Given the possibility that such reversals (sometimes referred to as a "reform of the reform") will eventually be mandated, one can only imagine the confusion, frustration and anger that many priests and laypeople will experience.

One can indeed only imagine it because the doom you predict is...imaginary.