Monday, December 21, 2009

Saint Peter Canisius. The model of reform.

It's been my experience, during the final days of Advent, that optional memorials of saints are not celebrated.

(Unless, o' course, the celebrant is Father Dennis Brown, OMV, Saint Francis Chapel. This priest could find a saint to honor under a rug if one was to be found.)

Anyway, his homily on Saint Peter Canisius sorta turned me upside down.

First, you need to understand that the reformation of the Church began before the Protestant revolution.

Not many people realize this...that the Church realized Her need to reform Herself—and indeed, had begun the work of doing so—before the Protestants stepped in.

Peter Canisius was a reformer. But, unlike—say, for example, me—he didn't verbally or otherwise bang dissidents over the head.

He emulated Jesus, in charity and humility.

This gives me pause, since I realize that charity and humility and not two o' my strong points.

Read about this remarkable saint—and your friend and mine—here. Or google him to find more about him.

And, a favor? Ask him to pray for the Church. (And for me.)