Monday, December 28, 2009

Save a Mass at a time

Brevity may be the soul o' wit, but in Father Dennis Brown's case, it's also the crux o' common sense.

At Mass today—on the Feast of the Holy Innocents—Father Dennis shared an inspired notion:

Save a baby: one Mass at a time.

The idea is simply and simply divine. During every Mass, ask God our Father, through His Son Jesus, to please turn one woman's plan to abort her child around. Just one!

Imagine the fruit this simple intention can reap!

Yes, it's important to work in secular ways to spread the Gospel of Life. Yes, it's important to pray...more than important, actually: it's vital.

But to offer a Mass!

This is a foolproof way to save a baby's life with every Mass you participate in. God will not deny this request. Nor, I reckon, will He forget you for making it.

And there's a bonus...

Imagine the joy you will experience when you meet the child God saved—through your intercession—in His Heavenly Kingdom.

Oh, you Holy Innocents: pray for us!

(Father Dennis Brown, OMV, is a priest serving at Saint Francis Chapel, Boston.)