Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help Haiti (and an apology from the Lady in the Pew)

The Anchoress has an incredibly helpful round-up of sources to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake here. God bless her, and the people of Haiti. Please cooperate with God and help these people. Thank you.

For those following the Lady in the Pew, my apologies for the paucity o' blogs lately. No excuse, but my mind—and conscience—have been a crazy stew while I grapple with the right way—in other words, God's will for me—to handle the special senate election in Massachusetts. Not to burden you, but the two candidates are both pro-abortion. One, Martha Coakley, is extraordinarily so. The other, Scott Brown, is, as his supporters say, less so. (Which sounds like being a "little bit pregnant" but there you are.)

Anyway, I've been praying very hard to discern God's will in this matter and ask for your prayers that I be able to do so.

Me and my conscience, in light of what's happening in Haiti, are not important. Please help in however ways you can.

God bless you! (And, please, may He bless me.)