Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Annunciation: a note to the Holy Father

25 March 2010

His Holiness, Benedict XVI
Vatican City, 00817 Rome, Italy

Most Holy Father!

A blessed Annunciation to you! Which is why I'm writing, actually.

As you know, Lebanon has declared the Feast of the Annunciation a national holiday. That got me to thinking. (Yes, I know you've warned me against doing too much of that, but bear with me here.)

I was wondering...given the situation in the States, would you consider making this Feast a Holy Day of Obligation?

I've got some other ideas, too.

Maybe we—or rather you, Holiness—rename the Feast. Yes, I understand that "The Annunciation" is a great name, and I'm a terrific fan of the Angel Gabriel, but, Holiness, in the States I'm wondering if the name is a bit too subtle for us.

To put it bluntly, I don't think Catholics (and I don't want to mention any names but certain Catholic politicians come to mind) quite get the fact about this blessed day. I mean, they probably know about Gabriel and the Virgin Mary—I think—but I'm not sure they get the fact that God was conceived in the womb that day. Which, as you know, is why we celebrate it!

So, would you consider calling March 25 something like "The Conception of God" or "The Conception of Jesus" or even "Jesus Becomes an Unborn Baby?" (I'm kinda partial to the latter, but you're the boss.)

And another thing?

You might consider a chat with whomever is president of the U.S. when you get this and suggest that March 25 become a national holiday! I mean, think of it: people of all faiths can (A) get the day off, and more importantly (B) understand what and Whom we're celebrating. You know, a kind of "let's celebrate the conception of the Unborn Jesus" sort of thing. A Baby is conceived and that Baby just happens to be God! In the womb! I mean, imagine, Holiness, how many hearts might change if folks realize—I mean, really get the picture of Jesus in the womb like they do Jesus in the's so worth a try, I think. In all humility, of course.

(And I haven't even begun to address things like "Jesus Becomes an Unborn Baby" greeting cards, artwork, computer games...the possibilities are, as the Unborn Jesus Himself? Infinite.)

I guess you've figured out that the reason for this letter is that I'm trying like crazy to live in a country where, in my lifetime, over 50 million babies have been slaughtered in the womb, and that my country's leaders—many of them, anyway, and many of them Catholics—seem to be taking their cue from the Book of Herod rather than the Gospel of Life.

And so, Holy Father o' mine, I'm asking you to consider this. And to thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

Take good care of yourself, Holiness, and pray for me. I pray for you and your intentions all the time and not just for the indulgences. :-)

May the Author of Life continue to bless you!

In the Unborn Jesus,