Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday moanin'

Some days, I'm a creepy, crabby, so-and-so. Be warned. Here's what ticked me off today:
  • Thinking about the fact that, despite the presence of a celebrant and two deacons, the sacred vessels at my parish were left in the sacristy after Communion...while the three just sat there during the post-Communion hymn. Am I wrong in thinking that maybe this trio could've actually purified the vessels during the FIVE TO SEVEN MINUTE TIME PERIOD?
  • Mulling over the news that the Neocatechumenal Way folks are evidently still, at my parish, ignoring the Holy Father's mandate...particularly regarding the dedicated altar and the reception of Holy Communion.
  • In response to Boston's "water catastrophe," the water cruet at the chapel I regularly attend during the week was replaced with—I promise I'm not making this up—with a large bottle of Poland Springs bottled water.

Ah, a priest told me today: "The Lord understands." I'm sure He does. I don't, though. ;-)

This is Kelly Thatcher, and this is today's "Monday Moanin'"...pray for me. I can be rather scratchy at times.