Sunday, July 11, 2010

Relic of The True Cross disappears from Holy Cross Cathedral, Boston

These images show the Crucifix as it was prior to its apparent desecration. As of today, the Crucifix still hangs in the Cathedral's Blessed Sacrament Chapel, but the relic has been torn away.

Please pray for its return.

Fellow parishioner Christopher Muldoon adds:

"And we must do PENANCE. Traditionally, relics of the True Cross are reverenced with genuflection—the same reverence shown to the Blessed Sacrament—because the True Cross was drenched in our Saviour's True Blood.

"After the Blessed Sacrament was profaned by the Know-Nothings in Charlestown in the 1830's, the Bishop of Boston ordered that after every Low Mass, the Divine Praises would be said in reparation. This practice continues after Low Masses in the Archdiocese today. We need to follow the example of our fathers and do penance.

"This is the relic that Father Cheverus brought with him when he first landed in Boston. This is the relic that was reverenced every Good Friday at Holy Cross Parish by the first generations of the faithful in our city from 1788 until this past April. It is why our Cathedral has its name. We must storm Heaven for its return, privately and publicly."
(Images courtesy Cardinal Sean's Blog.)