Friday, August 13, 2010

Graphic images at anti-abortion rally disturb passersby

It was (and remains) appalling to see, in the TV saga "Roots," the depiction of Africans brutally kidnapped by slave traders. And it was appalling to see how their American owners treated them. It was (and remains) appalling to see, in documentary after documentary, the treatment of Southern blacks in the films first released in the 1960s. It was (and remains) appalling to see the slaughter of Jews in Germany in documentary after documentary. It was, and remains appalling. That's what these graphic images are supposed to do...appall. Wake up, folks. We're talking about slaughtering babies. It's appalling.

Money quote:
Thompson said he had spoken with Operation Rescue members last week to make sure they understood the state laws about buffer zones and how far they had to stay from the clinic.

Thompson said police continue to examine local ordinances to determine whether the protesters can use imagery like that displayed Thursday morning or whether they can say the rosary and pray aloud during protests outside the clinic on Groveland Street.

"Realistically, we're not going to stop people from praying," he said.

Graphic images at anti-abortion rally disturb passersby; police say protesters lacked permit (They didn't need one...duh, there's the First Amendment.)