Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Elections, and obsessing about the wrong kingdom

Good grief, what the bleep is wrong with me? (Be kind and limit your answers to 3 or 4, thank-you-very-much.)

Last evening, and throughout this morning, being your typical Bostonian in one way (i.e. we tend to think of ourselves as the "hub o' the universe") and, being your untypical Bostonian in another (i.e., I'm a pro-life pretty much Republican), I subjected those unfortunate to be around me to a morbid, moody, moping, morose monster.

The Dems won in Massachusetts. Ergo, the sky is falling.

Later this day...

...I finally woke up and realized that the Other Side hadn't done too shabbily in the rest o' the country. Not at all. And so, those unfortunate enough to be around me were subjected to a crowing, callous, cold-blooded cootie bug, whose only aim seemed to be to stomp on the bones of a dying political philosophy.

Where was God in all my shenanigans?

Nowhere. Because once again I forgot that the real Kingdom isn't blue, red, or tea-colored. The real Kingdom, won with the Blood of the Lamb, has been, and will be, victorious forever and ever, Amen.

I was concentrating on one state. Then, on one country. Meanwhile, completely missing the most important part: "Under God!"

May He forgive me. May He accept my humble prayers for all of our earthly leaders...and never let me forget Who the Real Leader really is.