Thursday, December 09, 2010

Why is Obama the lead player in the Roxbury Christmas display?

I wish I could take a picture of the display at Warren Street and Walnut Avenue in Roxbury, Massachusetts...but I can't. At least at night, and that's when it counts, because the Christmas display is all lit up then. The star? Not Jesus. Not even Santa. Nope. In letters a gillion feet high blaze the words:


No kidding.

I mean, there's a small creche, the words "Peace on Earth," a few reindeer, you know, the usual. But OBAMA IN THE HOUSE trumps the whole display. Why? What the bleep does the president have to do with Christmas?

'Course it was a bit different last year. Equally bewildering, but different. Last Christmas, we were treated to a manger scene but not topped with a, topping the stable, the Infant Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and, if I recall, a few shepherds, was the brightly shining word:


What gives, I wonder?