Sunday, January 23, 2011

"God's 38th Anniversary Present to Roe v Wade" by Carol McKinley

It took me several days to get my spirituality tucked in enough to read the sinister descriptions of Gosnell's infant extermination facility. The Grand Jury report, with photos of the macabre crimes against women and children is HERE. It's worse than I expected. Hundreds of children were delivered alive and then murdered. Their bodies and parts were strewn about in the blood and filth.

There's a picture of a 30 week old baby with a gaping hole in his neck where the scissors was inserted to sever his spinal cord. Though SCOTUS upheld the partial birth abortion ban in 2007, there are various ways of killing an unborn child in this country. And the findings at the Gosnell abortion clinic is proof positive that the partial birth abortion ban is as good as the morals and ethics of doctors who make a living out of killing children.

It's as effective as the law against stealing in a room filled with thieves.

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