Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Maria talking about abortion" and her make-believe "Aunt Lucia": Latinos, you're being used.

Here's the thing. I'm BLEEPING PAYING for some cartoonish idiot and her equally idiotic "aunt" to sell folks on abortion. BLEEPING TIRED of it!

Governor Patrick, take this horrible site DOWN! Now!

(Here it is, Guv, just in case you have the same difficulty navigating the web as you evidently do governing the Commonwealth.)

(Generally I don't get this upset about things but when I'm asked to pay for some bone head -- offense definitely intended, Governor Patrick -- advocating kids and older females to commit something something heinous -- like killing a child, and, not incidentally, killing the mother's spirit as well -- well, heck, what can I say? I get ticked off.

By the way, you Latina and Latino amigos o' mine -- how do you feel about being USED to promote the destruction of your children? I mean, come on. Look at the "image" of "Maria." Look at what her "Aunt Lucia" says? Are you falling for this? You're being USED, friends.

The "procedure" that was promoted to reduce the population of African Americans -- and succeeded -- is now being used against you, folks. You're going to stand for it?

Personally, I find it interesting that "Maria Talks" is under the auspices of the "Health and Human Services" Director JudyAnn Bigby, don't you?