Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I love when Father Bob Lowrey celebrates Mass because I forget who he is when he does so

Sounds nuts? Think again.

Father Bob Lowrey, OMV, a priest at Saint Francis Chapel in Boston, hasn't celebrated Mass for quite a while, except as a concelebrant.

But he's beginning to do so again (and would no doubt chastise me soundly for even blogging about this but I have a feeling he'll never see it so I feel pretty safe) and this is unquestionable evidence -- as if we need it -- of God's love for His Church.

He is, to my mind, the perfect example of how priests should celebrate Mass while facing the congregation. I wish I could videotape him. Were I able to do so, I would beg the Pope to make the tape required viewing, a zillion times over, for every priest and seminarian.

How is this so?

For one thing, there's no "hi, how are ya" or "hey, have a great day" at either the beginning or end of the Holy Sacrifice. Father Bob epitomizes
Father's Z's often quoted "read the black, do the red." I presume, for physical reasons, Father Bob doesn't give homilies anymore. Which, in a way, is too bad, because I remember vividly his ability to break open the Scriptures...stunningly.

But, in another way, it really doesn't matter.

Father Bob, with his impeccable determination to, like Saint John the Baptist, "decrease as the Lord increases," doesn't need words to preach the Gospel. His actions...or perhaps his inactions (he does nothing that isn't necessary to celebrate what is the most beautiful gift God has given us...the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass) really do speak far louder than words.

In Persona Christi

I've known Father Bob for many years. I'd like to think we are friends. To converse with him is a joy. But when he's behind the altar at Mass, I forget all that. All I can concentrate on is the Blessed Trinity...and on the Sacrifice of Jesus taking place, right then and right now. The Lord has given us many gifts...not the least of which is Father Robert Lowrey, OMV.

And if anybody tells him I've blogged about him...I'll get even with you! :-)